Charter of Thalasquall Overview

One of my players asked how exactly their contributions to the development of Thalasquall looked on paper when trading in stock metal that his smithing PC had brought into the wilderness with him. What I had initially intended as an abstracted roleplay and skill check transaction system now needed a firmer foundation and a clearer work/reward system. And it just wasn’t a document that had to cover the player characters but was the drive and impetus for all the people of Thalasquall. Already established is that Thalasquall has no economy – there is no trade, no wandering travellers, no caravans, no contact with any other civilization for hundreds of miles. Also already established is a dearth of supplies, raw materials, and food leaving what was brought with the settlers in and on their wagons.

The people of Thalasquall are legally equal with no one person over the others as far as matters of civil or property rights are concerned; however, property ownership and representative rights are highly stratified and disproportionate. The backers of Thalasquall hold all the wealth of Thalasquall which is one out of every six people. The other five people have pledged three years of productive work to get a piece of that wealth. Unfortunately, all the wealth of Thalasquall is potential for there is little to nothing of value until Thalasquall enters into trade with other settlements, city-states, and nations.

“Wait,” you may say, “how can one group have all the wealth and the other group earn wealth if nothing has value until a later date?” My response is how start-up companies are able to pay for pricy professional laborers, entice monied individuals to invest, and purchase expensive equipment/facilities – shares. The people who poured their wealth into buying the start-up resources, finding freemen laborers, sponsoring the surveys, and securing the legal permissions were issued shares commensurate to their investment. The top twelve shareholders were city masters who have permanent places in the governing ring of masters. Another forty eight are land owners of the surrounding fertile plain north of the river. Nobody else started with shares, which is the incentive to work.

The masters and land owners have shares, materials, and stakes of land they own by the charter of the town but that is all it is. The unshared have labor and skill but no right to claim anything within Thalasquall by that same charter. The fulcrum is the shares as the shares can be doled out for services performed, offered as rewards for extraordinary service, and traded between individuals for product. What’s more, the shares may be traded for land property and city services. When trade is established the shares generate profit as they are cashed out and the economy is normalized.

Bondmen – homeless workers promising 3 years of service to Steadmen and Carls in exchange for learning trade skills and earning spots on prosperous steads or businesses. There are five major fields of work for these bondsmen. Agriculture bondsmen work 1 acre per day plowing, seeding, watering, weeding, inspecting, reaping, bundling, and hauling. Waste bondsmen work each day to remove refuse, muck animal excrement, dig dumps/latrines, sort trash, pick useful items from rubbish, build sewers, and push the waste along. Estate bondsmen are herders, binders, husbanders, fenceminders, hedge tenders, and wardens of animals crossing borders to graze in farmland or wandering from herd. Mariner bondsmen are deck hands, bulkhead cleaners, hull scrubbers, wood polishers, line tenders, cargo lifters, rope tiers, sail furlers, rigging climbers, & all around boat laborers. Construction bondsmen construct buildings, lay foundations, level ground, and turn materials into shelters.

But that is the abstract. I was asked about the meat and bones. Well, this is what I have so far (scroll down because the website inserts a spacer that I cannot remove):

1Beast1 steer/equine or 2 sheep or 3 goats
1StapleSustenance for 4 people/year or 1 Beast/year
1Ditches4 Acres of Irrigation works
1Torplot1 Acre of tilled land
5Burgplot40′ × 40′ or 1600 s.f.
2PipingPlumbing for 5 people
1GroundworksSewer for 1 person
100Lg Farm80 acres + Irrigation
120SteadHome/Barn 80 acres + Irrigation
400Master64 Burgs + Manse + Plumbing
0.1PatrolTenday of nightwatches and enforcement
0.01SurveyFull accounting of resources/sq mile
0.5 Bondlabor Season of work (4 possible)
1.0 Masterwork Season of production (3 possible)
5 Sm. Building apx 100 s.f. Building
10 Md. Building apx 400 s.f. Building
15 Lg. Building apx 1600 s.f. Buildings
20 Compound apx 6400 s.f. Buildings
sonacker1 share.Prof Farm 1+, Handle Animal 1+, Survival 1+ (any 2)
crofter5 shares.Prof Farm 4+ or Feat Endurance, Handle Animal 4+, Survival 4+ (any 1)
bauer15 shares.Prof Farm 6+ or Feat Endurance, Handle Animal 6+, Survival 6+ (any 2)
farmer40 shares.Prof Farm 8+ or Feat Endurance, Handle Animal 8+, Survival 8+ (any 3)
steader80 shares.Prof Farm 10+, Feat Endurance, Handle Animal 8+, Survival 8+ (all 4)
raker1 share.Prof Mason 1+, Search 1+, Climbing 1+ (any 2)
junker5 shares.Prof Mason 4+ or Feat Endurance, Search 4+, Climbing 4+ (any 1)
flusher15 shares.Prof Mason 6+ or Feat Endurance, Search 6+, Climbing 6+ (any 2)
tosher40 shares.Prof Mason 8+ or Feat Endurance, Search 8+, Climbing 8+ (any 3)
klempner80 shares.Prof Mason 10+, Feat Endurance, Search 8+, Climbing 8+ (all 4)
mucker1 share.Prof Rancher 1+, Handle Animal 1+, Spot 1+ (any 2)
groomer5 shares.Prof Rancher 4+ or Feat Endurance, Handle Animal 4+, Spot 4+ (any 1)
rounder15 shares.Prof Rancher 6+ or Feat Endurance, Handle Animal 6+, Spot 6+ (any 2)
ostler40 shares.Prof Rancher 8+ or Feat Endurance, Handle Animal 8+, Spot 8+ (any 3)
haywarder80 shares.Prof Rancher 10+, Feat Endurance, Handle Animal 8+, Spot 8+ (all 4)
swabee1 share.Prof Sailor 1+, Balance 1+, Rope Use 1+ (any 2)
rigger5 shares.Prof Sailor 4+ or Feat Endurance, Balance 4+, Rope Use 4+ (any 1)
tiller15 shares.Prof Sailor 6+ or Feat Endurance, Balance 6+, Rope Use 6+ (any 2)
sailor40 shares.Prof Sailor 8+ or Feat Endurance, Balance 8+, Rope Use 8+ (any 3)
swain80 shares.Prof Sailor 10+, Feat Endurance, Balance 8+, Rope Use 8+ (all 4)
logger1 shares.Prof Carpenter 1+, Climbing 1+, Rope Use 1+ (any 2)
planer5 shares.Prof Carpenter 4+ or Feat Endurance, Climbing 4+, Rope Use 4+ (any 1)
framer15 shares.Prof Carpenter 6+ or Feat Endurance, Climbing 6+, Rope Use 6+ (any 2)
waller40 shares.Prof Carpenter 8+ or Feat Endurance, Climbing 8+, Rope Use 8+ (any 3)
builder80 shares.Prof Carpenter 10+, Feat Endurance, Climbing 8+, Rope Use 8+ (all 4)

Charter of Thalasquall Overview

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