The town of Thalasquall (thah -LAHS-koo-ay-ill) is a start-up town financed by the Ring of Masters and founded in Uktar 1368 Dale Reckoning or DR. The first wave of the migration brought 130 people, all male, into empty wilderness of the Crescent Plain to start construction of buildings, fortify an earthen rampart into a wall with watch towers & working gates, construct piers & boats, survey land for potential claims, and prepare for the spring thaw to begin plowing fields. The second wave came during the late spring and included females among the 170 as well as the herd animals to round out the agricultural potential of Thalasquall. The summer also saw the appearance of 41 barbarian migrant workers laboring in Thalasquall from an Uthgardti clan that settled an old halfling community to the North of Thalasquall.


The town is divided into sections called “warrens” and each of the original 12 members of the Ring is master of that warren. Each warren is designated for certain works and constructions according to a timetable that was agreed upon in advance by the founding members. The South Center warren is the Center Warren where Wolbur has established the Long Hall and the seat of government with Bridge Warren overseen by Olin directly to the South. Going clockwise is Guard Warren under Amant, Aerie Warren headed by Luka, Merchants Warren administered by Connor, Temples Warren fostered by Jayseer, Smokeworks Warren guided by Oripar, Publics Warren shepherded by Galbo, Trades Warren directed by Gorstag, Weights Warren developed by Aiden, Hearth Warren lorded by Blath, and Wharfs Warren helmed by Keiran. Every warren is divided into 64 “burgplots” which are 1600 sq. ft. each or 40ft x 40ft which are to be sold off to the people of Thalasquall when the town becomes economically viable.

Outside of town, there are 34 orchards, groves, and farms for which the people of town walk up to 3 miles to reach every day to raise the crops needed for the town’s survival. Each farm is 80 acres and has no constructions or buildings since the proximity to Thalasquall allows for safer and better living conditions. There are designations for another 35 farms but these were deemed too far for convenient town commuting and are left fallow for now though they may be sold in the future. Beyond the farmland are herds of horses, cattle, rothe, sheep, and goats tended by a group of herdsmen whom periodically husband the animals and separate prime animals for harvest.

Several small boats launch from the piers daily to place traps and cast nets to bring in fish and shellfish. Occasionally, small foraging parties use the boats to reach the other side of the river to hunt, scout, and gather resources such as timber from the forests or game animals from the plains. Foraging parties used to range out East and North on the Crescent Plain but those have curtailed with the rise of the undead to the East and the Red Fox activity to the North.

Why build Thalasquall there?
With high lands and wind breaking forests in all directions except eastwards to the dry Anauroch desert, the territory is spared harsher storms and high winds. From the Graypeak Mountains and Graycloack Hills to the North, The Forgotten Forest and Marsh of Chelimber to the East, the Serpent Hills and the High Moor to the West, and the Forest of Wyrms to the South, the unnamed plain stretching North of the Winding Water delta is secluded from the bustle of the civilized world and beyond the reach of greedier powers. The rivers are very defensible boundaries for the entire plain and the waterway is also a convenient escape should the circumstances be truly dire.

The soil is fertile throughout the plain but especially so in the Southern pocket pinched from the Northern plain by the Serpent’s Tail and the Chelimber rivers. The land and weather is ideal for cereal crops and irrigation works would allow a bounty of fruits and vegetables to grow. The variety of grasses and small copses of trees provide ample opportunities for grazing animals to feed. The rivers are teeming with wildlife that would keep hunters, trappers, and fishers busy year round.

Other draws for the plains is in the nearby but not habitable territories surrounding it. The Marsh of Chelimber has exotic woods, rare animals, prized spices, and medicinal herbs. The Serpent Hills has game beasts, mine-able metals, and exposed minerals. The High Moor has pecky wood, fur animals, and stone fit for quarries. The Forest of Wyrms has hardwoods, forage fruits, and game of all types.


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